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I still can’t believe that I ran a 10k in the snow and ice today. It seems so long ago because I literally did NOTHING the entire day! I know that we sometimes need those days where we do nothing, but I felt like a BLOB! ;) I worked on this site a little- tidying things up, caught up on other blogs, and read a few articles online, but other than that- nothing!

My stomach was feeling a little off after the race so I never had a true lunch. I nibbled my way through the afternoon.

Once my stomach started to feel better this evening, I was able to make dinner. I believe that I have found my “go-to” dish whenever I can’t decide what to eat.

Enter Perfect Baked Tofu:

With roasted asparagus, brussels sprouts, and tomatoes:

Served with a nice salad:

I also enjoyed some Cat Cookies from Trader Joe’s for dessert:

Along with a piece of chocolate:

Tomorrow I have a full day of baking with my cousin! She’s making chocolate chip cookies for her teachers and I’m going to make some of Mama Pea’s Christmas Cookie Dough Balls for the family! :) I’m also hoping to go to a local gym to hop on the bike and possibly do some elliptical work- depending on how my knees feel.

I want to thank you all for your support and comments! I love reading all your comments and connecting with you all! You are amazing! :)

I’m exhausted! I’m off to bed early! Night!

P.S- Over the next few days, my site may look a little weird. I am looking into changing my layout, so I may be testing a few different looks. Pardon the dust!

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2 Responses to Blob.

  1. I can’t get enough these animal crackers!
    I see them everywhere – they look so cute! :D

  2. I love those TJ’s cat crackers too! Although I love all things ginger.
    Your festive red plates are cute!

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