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New People, New Places

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”- Robert Orben

Summer has arrived!

Bring on the sun, beach, and fun nights! … Oh, and the summer classes and long runs! ;)

Today I headed down the coast a little to New Smyrna Beach to soak in a little summer. I went because I was trying to get a better view of the Shuttle Endeavor launch but it was eventually scrubbed…boo! :(

However, the scrubbing of the launch didn’t discourage me from having a fun day!

I started my morning early with the same breakfast I have had for the past three days…

I then hit the road for the two hour drive to the beach.

The drive wasn’t too awful…just a few crazy drivers! ;)

Once I arrived in New Smyrna Beach, I was pleasantly surprised by how “homey” it felt. I didn’t feel like I was in a touristy beach town at all!

I walked around for a little, but then wanted to get a little blog work done so I used the Yelp! app (LOVE this app!) on my phone to find a coffee shop. After reading a few good reviews I ended up at Chuckeyta’s Cafe.

Don’t let the outside fool you… this place was super adorable! I got the vibe that a lot of locals come here to work on their laptops. Everyone seemed to know each other and everyone was smiling! I definitely loved this place and would return again!

I got a blueberry pomegranate tea and set off to work…

I tweaked my About Me and Q&A pages and backed up my blog. I also had fun interacting with the NASA Tweetup folks!

After a few hours of work, my stomach started growling, so I headed back to my car to quickly eat the lunch I had packed (saving money ;) ).

I also had a whole wheat wrap with a little cheese and tuna.

Once I had inhaled lunch, I went down to the beach to take a little walk.

Despite there being a lot of people on the beach, I had sometime to just think and relax a little bit. Even though classes are over, I still have a lot on my mind in terms of graduate school and other matters. I was able to just take in the peacefulness of the ocean and just have a detox of sorts.

After my walk, I headed back to my car and made the drive back to Jacksonville. Back at the apartment, I made some of Diana’s Chocolate Chip Dough Balls for my friend’s birthday present and reheated some leftover spaghetti squash from last night. I had it along side with an omelette.

Today was definitely a fun day to just get away and relax a little. Sometimes we just need to have a “personal day” and just escape from our everyday life. :D

I’m exhausted and I need to get up super early! My GOTR girls have their practice 5K in the morning!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Do you ever take “mini-vacations” to just relax? Do you prefer beaches on the Atlantic, Pacific, or the Gulf? (I actually prefer the Gulf beaches…but Atlantic ones are alright- if you find the right one!)

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6 Responses to New People, New Places

  1. I totally need a mini-vacation.

  2. What a great day to just get away!

  3. I love your beach pictures – I’m so incredibly jealous that you can get to a beach within two hours! I’ve lived in the midwest my entire life and am completely fascinated by the ocean. It’s so peaceful and really puts things in perspective, for me anyway! The best beach I’ve ever been to was in Recife, Brazil. There are reefs just offshore that provide an area of calm, warm water that is great to swim in and protects you from the rougher water.

  4. Your day sounds wonderful! I am in need of a sunny vacation – even for just a day! It’s still thawing out up here :(

  5. Love the beach! I’m super thankful to live on the West Coast (FL) and to be with in an hour of Clearwater. I’m about 10 minutes from the closest “beach” which I don’t consider a real beach, but whatever.

    Every time I go to the beach I consider it a mini-vacation. Clearwater is so touristy so sometimes it doesn’t feel that relaxing. The drive down there is usually stressful bc of traffic, and once you are in clearwater it’s just madness!

    Glad you had a nice time in New Symrna!

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