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My Top 5 Blogging Resources

Since attending the Central Florida Blogger Conference on Saturday, I have received numerous E-mails and tweets asking me to share a little more about what I learned. I took seven typed (single-spaced) pages of notes at the conference, so it is difficult to consolidate it into one post. The knowledge that I learned from the conference will be reflected on my blog over the next few weeks and beyond. As I learn more about social media, I plan to write more and about this ever changing field (although I will never compare to Katy Widrick! ;) ).


In the mean time, I wanted to share the top five sites I have discovered recently that I think every blogger should know about. In fact, I learned about the first three sites this Saturday and I’m already obsessed with them!


1) Help A Reporter Out (helpareporter.com):  I was first introduced to this site during Ben Reed’s (Adventures With Ben) presentation on Saturday and I am already a fan. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a service for journalist to gather information and feedback from sources (the public). It is free (and super easy!) to sign up and once you do, you receive three E-mails daily with various media inquiries on a variety of topics. If you find a topic where you think you can provide expert advice, you respond to the journalist with a “pitch.” This site is a great way to bring content off your site and get published!

2) Fiverr (fiverr.com): What would you do for $5? The concept of Fiverr is simple- users post what they would do for five dollars. The services vary from art work, to video voice overs, to custom music, all for only five dollars! The site can be a hit or a miss, but if you want something done for your blog (such as a custom banner or a transcript of a video blog), you can probably find someone who will do it for you. I have not personally used this site yet (since I just found out about it), but I can definitely see myself using it in the future.

3) DisclosurePolicy.org (disclosurepolicy.org): In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission released its final revision about endorsements for bloggers, celebrities, etc. The revision states that bloggers must disclose when they have received a product for review and if they have received compensation for the review. This disclosure can be at the end of the post, but it is also a good idea to have a full disclosure page on your blog. Writing a full disclosure policy can be tricky and difficult, but with the assistance of this website, it is super simple. The online generator, asks only six questions and produces a comprehensive and detailed generator you can put on your blog. I plan to have a page devoted to my full disclosure up by the end of the week.

4) FitBlog Chats (fitblogchats.com): I’m sure that you have heard of the weekly Tuesday night #fitblog chat on Twitter at 9pm (EST), but there is so much more that FitBlog offers! Not only can you read through chat archives on the website, but you can also watch archived presentations. I HIGHLY suggest that you watch the presentations. I have learned SO much from them and they are absolutely free! I can guarantee that many would pay to learn this information (at least I would ;) ) and if you want to enhance your blog, then these presentations are a fantastic resource!

5) Copyblogger (copyblogger.com): I first learned about this site from Matt Frazier’s (No Meat AthleteSEO For Bloggers FitBlog webinar and it is a GREAT resource for bloggers. The site has hundreds of articles on blogging and how to increase traffic to your site. I haven’t been able to read the website as much as I would have liked to in the past few weeks, but I have gained more insight into SEO, marketing, and how to make my blog better. This is a site that you should definitely add to your favorites tab.

Do you have a favorite site that you believe other bloggers should know about? Do you use any of these sites already?

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8 Responses to My Top 5 Blogging Resources

  1. Thanks for posting these.. I’ve utilized a few of them but am excited t o check the other ones out!

  2. Thanks for this! I forgot all about fiverr! Actually I had “fiverrrrr!!!!” written in my notes without any description about what it was… bad note taker :P

  3. Thanks for the post! Looking at all these right now :)

  4. Thanks for this! I’ll definitely be checking them out!

  5. This is so useful, oh my goodness! I don’t htink i use a ton of sites really… Though I do love me some fitblog chattin’ :) )


  6. All these resources are good. I also read Problogger.net

    It has a lot of posts about blogging.

  7. I’ve been reading through your Build a Better Blog series all night – great series, very informative!

    ProfNet is a good resource – it’s similar to Help a Reporter Out, but in reverse: you sign up as a journalist and look for experts who can contribute a quote or insight to your blog. It’s a great resource if you’re doing a research-intensive post or series and need an expert to weigh in or contribute. It won’t give you more blog traffic, per se, but having an expert opinion in your post will definitely increase your credibility, and may increase your readership in the future!

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