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Paula Deen Diagnosis: It’s Diabetes, Y’all

I’m guessing that you may have heard the news by now?

Paula Deen has Type II Diabetes.



The Food Network star and television personality, known for her highly-fattening and sugar-laden dishes, has the disease that 8.3% of the US population suffers from. (Source)

I really hate to say it, but, honestly, I am not surprised about the diagnosis.

She was diagnosed three years ago, but kept it hidden from the media. In an interview with Al Roker on the Today Show, she publicly announced her diagnosis, stating that it is “not a death sentence.”

The reason why she kept it hidden for so long? Because Deen wanted to “bring some thing to the table” with the announcement.

What exactly did she bring? An announcement that she is now a paid spokesperson for the drug company Novo Nordisk, a drug used in treatment with Type II Diabetes.

I am not here to tear down Paula Deen, because I am sure there is a lot happening behind closed doors that the public does not know. However, I am frustrated about how indifferent she seemed about the diagnosis during her interview.

When asked if she would change the way she cooks and eats, Deen stated:

“I’ve always eaten in moderation. You know, people see me on TV two and three times a day and and they see me cooking all these wonderfully Southern, fattening dishes. That’s only 30 days out of 365. It’s the entertainment, and people have to be responsible–”

I will give Deen the benefit of the doubt here, BUT from what we, the public, can see, it looks like she is always indulging in these decadent dishes. Yes, people have to be responsible for what they put into their bodies, but there really are people out there who don’t, whether they care not to or just don’t know what to eat.

Yes her shows are for entertainment, but they are cooking shows. People watch cooking shows to get ideas and new recipes to try in their own homes. Many people are busy and want a recipe that they can follow without having to think about what will work as a healthy ingredient substitution.

In my opinion, I think that Deen had a great opportunity here and dropped the ball. She had an opportunity to connect with her huge fan base and work on becoming healthier individuals AND to help others from developing a disease that can be preventable.

Instead, to me, it seems like she is more concerned with promoting her partnership with Novo Nordisk and most importantly, protecting her “food empire” made up of buttery, sugary, and fattening Southern foods.

I don’t know, I am overall disappointed and frustrated. I’ll be interested to see how Deen will lighten up her dishes with her drug company partnership. I guess time will tell as to whether or not changes really come…

What is your opinion on Paula Deen’s diagnosis?

Of Possible Interest:

I want to make clear that I am in no way trying to bring down people with diabetes. I know that there are people who are perfectly healthy and still develop diabetes. I also know that there are people who do develop diabetes due to a poor lifestyle choices, but change their poor habits and manage it with natural ways. However it really comes across that Deen is unwilling to change much about her lifestyle, and that saddens me.

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8 Responses to Paula Deen Diagnosis: It’s Diabetes, Y’all

  1. Being a diabetic (type1) this annoys me…I think she should have come out with this 3 years ago and promoted a healthy way to do some southern cooking in addition to her butter friend way. I feel like the only reason she is coming out now is a publicity stunt to help promote her Son’s new book and show

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you – it’s like Dr Atkins suddenly dropping dead with elevated cholesterol and then wondering why. I think it’s an insult to readers like Misty above who have diabetes through no fault of their own – to me the whole thing seems like a selfish, money-making scheme, concocted from what should be a serious wake-up call and diagnosis.

    Point is, without that diagnosis, I very much doubt there would ever have been an emphasis on possibly lighter or more healthy dishes, and for people who idolise Paula Deen, they may well not expose themselves to any other chef or type of cooking, and thus will assume that she (and they) would find it perfectly okay to subsist on nothing but those fattening dishes.


    • This. Right here. “Point is, without that diagnosis, I very much doubt there would ever have been an emphasis on possibly lighter or more healthy dishes”

      There is no way she would have lightened her dishes up if it wasn’t for this diagnosis!

  3. I 100% agree with you! My dad and I were discussing this, and we both thought it was a shame that she 1) doesn’t take the diagnosis seriously and 2) realize the impact she has on others. I’ve never been a fan of hers simply for the fact that our food choices differ so drastically, but I really think she’s irresponsible now.

  4. I also think it’s BS that she keeps saying she has always said her food is meant for “moderation” …I have never heard anything about any sort of moderation from her …hello she makes burgers with donuts for buns

  5. Ahhh, a place I can vent! :) The whole thing pisses me off and rubs me the wrong way. For one… she obviously indulges more than just a little on her own food. She’s overweight, probably obese on some scales. There’s no denying that, people just have to look at her to see that. I’ve never made her recipes and never will because there is NEVER a need to use 2 sticks of butter in a pan when you only really need a Tablespoon. It turns my stomach to watch her cook and then to watch her eat the things she makes on her show.

    I saw her in an interview on The Chew when all this came out and someone asked her about the sponsorship thing and getting paid. Her answer? “Well I need to make a living some how” or something to that effect. You mean to tell me that she’s poor and scraping by on her shows and cookbooks? For some reason I highly doubt that. Her son has a show with healthier versions of Southern recipes. I can deal with him. But to only come out with this news 3 years after the diagnosis and ONLY because you’re getting paid? She’s lost all my respect. Completely.

    • Vent away!!! ;)

      I just can’t stand her now. The more and more I think about it, the more I cringe. I remember her son being on one of her shows a year ago and he was making one of her dishes healthier.

      It still wasn’t “health” food by any means, but at least he attempted to make it not as much of a fat/ calorie bomb!

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