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Arghhh You Ready To Run?

I am! I am!

Gasparilla weekend is finally here and I am super excited! As I explained last night, this weekend means a lot to me. Gasparilla has been over a year in the making and I am ready to toe the start line at 7 tomorrow morning.

I started my day early by finishing up some last minute packing and cleaning before hitting the road just before 10 to drive down to Tampa. It was a long drive from Jacksonville (nearly 4 hours) but I made it in relatively good time. I hit a little traffic passing through Orlando and then when I hit I-275S in Tampa, but otherwise it was a painless drive.



As soon as I arrived in Tampa, I met my mom at the hotel before heading to Whole Foods for lunch and to pick up a few items for the morning. Then we hit up the expo at the Tampa Convention Center.



My mom and I arrived at a good time. The expo was busy, but not crowded like other expos I’ve been to.

I hit a little hiccup during bib pick-up when my bib was not in the bin. My heart was beating a million miles a minute while the volunteers worked to sort out where my bib went. After a few minutes my bib was located. Whew! Kudos to the great volunteers!




After collecting our bibs and shirts, we walked through the expo to check out all the booths.




Out of all the race expos I’ve been to, this one is my favorite- hands down. It was not too crowded (although we went at a good time) and the booths were well-spaced out. Also there was a great variety of booths and some of the best deals I’ve ever seen! I was able to get a pair of black spandex running shorts for only $10 (originally $50!).

I was also sidetracked by talking with the Ironman Miami 70.3 representative for a good 10 minutes. She was definitely talking up the race at the end of October but I don’t think I am *quite* ready for a Half-Ironman just yet. She did give me a swim cap as training motivation so you never know! Maybe wearing the cap will make me a better swimmer? One can dream…


However, the best part about expo’s are the freebies and there were a ton to be found! Pretzel crisps, granola, a Publix salad shaker, and even olives! But my favorite was the gelato- definitely worth the long line!



Check out all the freebies we scored! Insane!



The expo got me pumped up for a fun weekend of racing!

Alright… well here goes nothing!


See you at the finish line…ARGHHH!!!

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7 Responses to Arghhh You Ready To Run?

  1. This expo looks fantastic, and the gelato definitely doesn’t hurt:) Have a great run tomorrow, and remember to enjoy yourself!

  2. What a great expo! Good luck on your run tomorrow!! :-)

  3. Best of luck this weekend!! :)

  4. Jeff aka Powderfinger

    Have a great race. Continue to enjoy the journey, especially with your Mom and all the friends you meet along the way! Wonderful blog documenting your steps asking the way! :) (: Peace! And ROCK that run!

  5. Best of luck on your races Katy! I can’t wait to hear all about them!

  6. Good luck with your running, and enjoy the weekend.

  7. Looks fun! My husband has to work today so I hope to get there around 330 today! See you tomorrow!

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